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Why Hire me

I offer guided fishing trips in lake Mjörn, Anten and Sävelången near Alingsås, Sweden. Fishing in the larger lakes around Alingsås can be very rewarding, but Mjörn, Anten and Sävelången are all big lakes that takes time to learn. If you are new to these lakes, chances to succeed is much greater with a guide, and even if you have fished here your whole life there are always new methods and strategies to learn.

Anyone can book a guided trip! Beginners as well as professionals. Everyone has something to gain from a guided session. I also have partners with whom I can offer sessions for companies and other groups of people.




I’m an allround fisher with vast knowledge in most areas. Fishing for me is much about the challenge, therefor I like to change things up and never get stuck in a specific method, species or lake. I know most waters in the area, but prefer to guide on Mjörn, Anten and Sävelången where chances for a successful fishing day are greatest.

I study biology and work as a writer and photographer for Fiskejournalen and Allt om Flugfiske, Swedens largest fishing magazines, and therefor I have exstensive knowledge about anything from fish behavior to specialized techniques. I have written articles about e.g. trolling, float trolling, bottom bouncing, spin fishing, angling, equipment, rigs and techniques.


The boat I’m using is a custom built Rocad 498 made for three people. It’s the perfect boat for lakes the size of Mjörn. My electronics are a Humminbird Helix 10 G2N and a Humminbird Helix 9 G2N. In the front I’ve got a Minn Gota Terrova 55lb with I-pilot, and in the rear a new Honda 50 HP.

I’ve got rods and lures for almost every method, except fly fishing. You can either borrow equipment from me, or use your own. I also got life jackets, clothing for colder conditions and a grille if you would like me to cook for us during the day. More information is available further down.

Package deals

The day can be customized to your preferences, but below are a couple of popular packages.

  • Vertical cocktail – 3 hours of bottom vertical for zander followed by 3 hours of pelagic sharpshooting for zander and/or pike. A review of the sonar is included.
  • Raw power – 6 hours of trolling for pike where I combine lures and speeds for quantity aswell as a chance for a 20 pounder.
  • Bottom perch – 3 hours of spin fishing for perch at first light followed by 3 hours of bottombouncing in search of a big specimen.
  • Summer zander – 3 hours of spin fishing followed by 3 hours trolling.
  • Winter pike – 6 hours of angling from the ice on one of the larger lakes.

Food & Transport

I can provide transport to and from Alingsås or Gothenburg central station, aswell as Landvetter airport. A part of my job is to make the experience as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

I do not offer food or drinks during ordinary guiding sessions. Bring food and/or snacks as well as drinks. During warm summer days it’s best to bring alot of fluids. I can offer food and drinks for larger groups or company events.

What does it cost?

For groups larger than two aduls & one child, please contact me for price.

Half day

  • 4 hours of fishing
  • Equipment included
  • License included
  • Max 2 adults & 1 child
  • Bring food and drinks

Full day

  • 6 hours of fishing
  • Equipment included
  • License included
  • Max 2 adults & 1 child
  • Bring food and drinks


  • x hours of fishing
  • Equipment included
  • License included
  • No limitation
  • Food & drinks included

What do customers think?

After watching fishing clips on youtube all winter our need to fish for pike was overwhelming. With a couple of blank sessions I decided to contact Joakim. We met up an early morning in May 2018 and even tho the lake was like a mirror with a forecast of sun and clear skies, Joakim had high hopes of a great pike session. We got fish on at the first spot and after that it kept biting. We landed 10 pikes with a stunning 103 cm and 8 kilo fish on top. The best part was all the advice we got and that we didn't have to worry about anything other then casting. Joakim handled the boat and supplied us with appropriate lures and good food.
Patrik Stockelid
Nice weather, delicious food on the boat, fishing with high-end equipment on scenic lake Mjörn, catching dozens of beautiful Zander and Perch - it was the perfect fishing day with our friendly and very professional guide Joakim.
Benjamin Magri
Calm water, an amazing sunset and a 4 kilo zander safely netted with precision thanks to our experienced guide. Magical!
Johanna Bergman
Joakim picked us up at Simmenäs and we started the day with pelagic sharpshooting for zander. During the morning hours fishing was slow and the zander only looked at the bait, but we turned it around before lunch with a big 3,9 kilo zander and a couple of big pikes. We also had a great meal with grilled burgers and learned alot about deciphering the sonar. Thanks for a wonderful day!
Ola Lindström