Rental boat at lake Mjörn

We offer a rental boat at lake Mjörn in Alingsås, Sweden. The boat is a Kimple 440 Adventure aluminium boat from 2021 with a 6 hp Suzuki 4 stroke also from 2021. A Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2 sonar is mounted on the boat. Oars, anchor, digital chart and two life jackets are included when renting. Please read our rules below before you book.

How does it work?

  1. Read the rules below. Book via email or phone. Pay 30% via swish or paypal (this will not be repayed if you cancel).
  2. Get the key and sonar at Kungälvsvägen 165 (map below). Pay the rest of the fee and the deposition.
  3. Go to Björboholm (map below) where the boat is and have a great day!
  4. When the day is over, drive back to Kungälvsvägen 165 and leave the key and sonar.
  5. The deposition will be repayed when we have inspected the boat. Usually the following day.

What does it cost?

30% of the fee is payed when you book. It does not get repayed if you cancel.


  • Two days
  • Gas included
  • Sonar included
  • Chart included
  • Max three people
  • 50 euro deposition

One day

  • 12 hours fishing
  • Gas included
  • Sonar included
  • Chart included
  • Max three people
  • 50 euro deposition


  • Seven days
  • 12 L gas included
  • Sonar included
  • Chart included
  • Max three people
  • 150 euro deposition


In short – Take care of everything, use common sense and leave everything as it was when you came. Then you will have a great day on the lake and there wont be any issues. But, some important rules are listed below.

  1. Do not use the motor in shallower water than 3 meter! Otherwise you will hit a rock eventually.
  2. Do not dock or ground the boat at any other place then where you started.
  3. Tell us if anything has been damaged. Tell us if you hit something with the motor.
  4. 500 euro deductible if there has been damage done that needs our insurance.
  5. You are liable to pay for any other damage done. Fee depends on the damage.
  6. Tell us if a line got stuck in the propeller. We don’t demand any compensation for this, but we need remove it.
  7. Leave the boat clean and tied up they same way as when you started.
  8. Call if you have any problems. Joakim Åberg – +46 736 98 20 20
  9. Have a wonderful day! Important.

Here is the key

Here is the boat

Fishing licens is required!