Rental boat


Rent a boat!

During my youth I spent many evenings down by the docks, fishing and watching the lake. I dreamt about the freedom that comes with owning your own boat, and the seemingly endless possibilities. Today I’ve had my own boat for many years, but I never forget how lucky I am. To offer the same possibilities to visitors and locals, we have finally got our first rental boat!

This is included

The boat on the picture has a new 4 stroke Suzuki 5hp, oars, rod holders, anchor and a comfortable seat. A chart and two life wests are included.

We offer a transom-mount trolling motor and a Lowrance HDS5 Gen 2 sonar for a low extra fee.


This is how it works

Under prices there is information about costs. Under booking you can find contact information. You get the key, gas tank and accessories at our place, and at the same time you pay the rest of the fee together with a deposition. You then travel to the boat which is about 10-15 minute drive from us and have a great day! When your done you travel back to us and hand over the key, gas tank and accessories. We will give you back the deposition when the boat has been inspected.